A Home for Those who need a Space for Learning and Development

The Balay Mindanaw Kalambuan Center serves as a venue for Global Mindanaw Polytechnic, Inc.’s different life skills training courses. These courses serve to equip GMPI students with expertise in fields that are practical and relevant to everyday life as a supplement to the skills they learn for employment.

The Center also serves as a venue for community and partner consultations, meetings and seminars. It is also a place where different communities, institutions and organizations gather to learn more about uplifting the lives of those in need.

A Venue for Resiliency and Disaster Preparedness

In times of disaster, the Balay Mindanaw Kalambuan Center has the capacity to serve as an Evacuation Center for affected families in Barangay 23, Gingoog City. It can accommodate up to 100 families in these times of need.

A Center for Development for the Balay Mindanaw Group

The Balay Mindanaw Kalambuan Center serves as a home, an assembly area, and a venue for meetings, assemblies, and idea generation of KPMFI, GMP and GMAV. Through these activities, in addition to the support services that the Center provides, the organizations are able to constantly develop and improve strategies and processes as needed to achieve the shared mission and vision.

In addition, the Center is also a venue for celebrating both the victories and the challenges that make the Group grow and become stronger.

A Support Provider

The Balay Mindanaw Kalambuan Center provides support services to other members of the Balay Mindanaw Group, ensuring that everyday operations run smoothly.

BMKC provides administrative support, which consists of everyday transactions and errands including documents processing, bills payment, and maintenance of computers and equipment.

We also provide human resource development and management, which involves monitoring the well-being and effectivity of all personnel. This can include tasks such as profiling, benefits monitoring, and periodic conversations with the staff.

We also provide financial management support, ensuring that the organizations are able to operate within the planned budget, and are able to be accountable to the funding partners. This is done through monitoring cash flow, frequent updating of financial statements, and arranging for regular audits, both internal and external.

BMKC also provides information technology and information management systems, including the maintenance and development of software required for daily operations, as well as the Balay Kalambuan website. It also coordinates for the provision of multimedia services, including layout, photography and videography.

We also provide procurement and inventory support, which includes canvassing of equipment and supplies.