Bangko Sa Balay Foundation Inc.(BBFI) is a microfinance institution created under the Balay Mindanaw Group of NGOs. It is duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under certification number CN200730600 issued on October 16, 2007. Aside from its community-based financial literacy and microfinance operations, it also serves as a project partner to other members of the Balay Mindanaw Group, specifically Katilingbanong Pamahandi sa Mindanaw Foundation, Inc. (KPMFI) in its backyard broiler production project and in serving microenterpreneurs in Gingoog and Cagayan de Oro City.

BBFI implements the SURE model (Synergizing Urban and Rural Entrepreneurs) in its operations.


"Kaangayan, Kalambuan, Kalinaw sa Mindanaw, sa Pilipinas ug Kalibutan"


  • 1. We Value Historicity
    • Investing in people and communities who invest in themselves;
    • To help transform poor household to become entreprenuer;
    • To deliver quality service to the hard to reach areas and communities.


BMKC is committed to the following shared core values with KPMFI, GMPI, GMAV & BBFI:

  • 1. We Value Historicity
    • We know and we are proud to claim that we are sons and daughters of Balay Mindanaw.
    • We know that our mission is a natural evolution of our work in Balay Mindanaw to continually build towards our Vision of Equity, Development and Peace.
    • We remember how our founding fathers/mothers toiled hard make our organization sustainable and continually relevant to the call of the times.
  • 2. We are Passionately Entrepreneurial
    • We continually ask: “how can we provide services that are low in cost but high in value?”
    • We strive hard to teach the value of entrepreneurship to our clients while we also teach ourselves and our family members.
    • We fully believe that entrepreneurship in one of the best tools to end poverty.
  • 3. We Are a Leading Organization
    • We believe that our intentions are good. Therefore, we strive to do our best in the things we believe passionately in.
    • We believe in introducing innovations to change the rules of the game if we believe that these rules are unjust and favors only a few.
    • As we lead, we focus on problem solving and avoid problem passing.
    • We will strive hard to offer solutions to problems that are considered difficult to solve
  • 4. We are Happy and Celebratory Organization
    • We believe that the happier we are, the more productive we become as volunteers.
    • We value celebration, either of successes or of failures, as a way of commemorating our struggles in reaching for our vision and mission
    • We provide spaces for ourselves and our clients to celebrate important milestones, both victories and failures, to keep us grounded and guided by our historical evolution.
  • 5. We Break Traditions
    • Apart from being innovators, we choose to break accepted norms that we think are past their relevance and have been supporting the unjust status quo.
    • We introduce countercultures that we feel and think will level the playing field for the poor.
    • In this way, we revolutionize how we feel, look, and act on things
  • 6. We have the Heart of Volunteers
    • We consider ourselves volunteers not just because we are working in non-profit, non-government organizations. Before employment, all of us have had the opportunity to volunteer in Mindanawon communities.
    • We believe that the spirit of volunteerism drives us to be more efficient, effective, and productive in all of the challenges that we have to face.
    • We believe that providing our communities with quality services is far more important than any monetary gain.
  • 7. We are Spiritual
    • We believe that having the heart and culture of volunteerism makes us spiritually grounded in our daily encounters with challenges and difficulties.